How durable is your outdoor furniture?
We sell only quality patio furniture designed and built to withstand the elements. From the design, materials to the fabric and core of outdoor cushions, our furniture is designed with outdoor use in mind. With minimal care, quality outdoor patio furniture can last decades.

Can outdoor furniture cushions be left outside in the rain?
Our elite outdoor cushions are made from high quality, durable materials that feature flow-through cores. Our outdoor cushions and throw pillows are designed to be outdoors year round and are fade resistant. When our cushions get wet, the outer fabric repels some of the water. The rest filters through the cushion via the core. The design of the core means rain water does not get absorbed like a sponge, but instead allows water to drain through the pillow. After a hard rainfall, it will take a little time for our cushions to drain out completely, but this is normal. With minimal care and cleaning, the average life of our outdoor cushions ranges from 4 to 8 years.

Do you use “sustainable” Teak products?
Yes, Teak is an incredibly environmentally friendly wood. For many years, there were widespread concerns about the over use of old growth wood, the most durable form of the wood. However, because teak is such a fast growing wood, producers were able to farm the trees in a sustainable manner. The new growth wood is treated and kiln dried so it is just as strong as the old growth wood, without the threat of deforestation.

How well do you know your products?
The Arrowhead team prides itself on its product knowledge. A few of our employees do not know anything about our products, so ask for Karl or David. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our product lines, please call before or after your purchase.

Will wicker furniture last outdoors?
Yes, depending on the type of wicker. Several different types of outdoor wicker are available. Vinyl or Resin wicker is very durable and long lasting. If you decide to go with vinyl or resin, it is important that the resin or vinyl does not have clay in it. Many lower quality wickers will be mixed with clay. This lowers the price, but it shortens the life of the piece allowing it to become brittle and cracked in a few years.

Do you offer “White Glove Delivery”?
White glove service is available for all of Arrowhead Furniture products. Items will be fully assembled and trucked directly to your home. Your new furniture will be carefully placed anywhere you like, inside or out and all packaging materials removed. White glove service is available for additional delivery fees. For "white glove" rates, or to schedule a "white glove" delivery, please call 508-228-1961.